NAVISTAR NED + DLB 2024 Diagnostic software


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NAVISTAR NED + DLB 2024: Comprehensive Diagnostics for Your Navistar Fleet

Technical details of automotive software:

Brand: Navistar
Navistar NED +DLB
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1 GB
Diagnostics Software
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Windows 8 and 8.1 Pro (both 32 and 64-bit versions), Windows 10 (both 32 and 64-bit versions)
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1 PC

How does the installation work?
After payment, our specialist will connect to your PC via TeamViewer and perform the installation.

NAVISTAR NED + DLB 2024 is a highly flexible diagnostic software solution, providing you with the perfect tool suite for diagnosing, troubleshooting, and repair of your Navistar company vehicles. This is fully integrated suite which envelopes Navistar Engine Diagnostics (NED) and Diamond Logic Builder (DLB) producing the best end to end solution with one not taking away from the other.

NAVISTAR Engine Diagnostics (NED)

NED is a PC based diagnostic tool that will provide the technician with an easy-to-use tool that delivers the full range of information needed to diagnose and service a mixure of vehicles. FOR ANY J1939 INTERATIONAL ENGINE ELECTRONIC SYSTEM, IT COVERS THEM ALL (THE WHOLE SPECS), HENCE YOU CAN

Real-Time Engine Data Monitoring Get real-time information to help better understand your engine and catch potential problems before they arise.
Gather and decode diagnostic handling codes (DTCs) to spot and establish the issue as fast as imaginable.
Tune engine parameters to auto-optimize for performance, fuel efficiency and emissions control.
Execute other extensive tests during the inspection process for engine and after-treatment systems so as to authenticate its operation and detect discrepancies if any.
View Manufacturer-Specific Operations (Most 2001+ vehicles)- Access vehicle data for viewing manufacturer-specific engine configurations and diagnostic procedures.

Diamond Logic Builder (DLB)

Tiered access options with customizable DLB solutions for all levels of technicians.

Stage 1: Diagnostics (Included with dynamic item key)

Perform full diagnostics on all J1939 International engines systems
Retrieve and interpret DTCs.
View engine data live.

Level 2: This is Advanced Programming (web-based must happen)

Tune performance and emissions controls by adjusting parameters on the engine.
Tailor diagnostic processes for particular requirements.

Stage 3: Expert Logic (Advanced training needed)

Develop custom Logic on top to automate the diagnostics playbook complex tasks as well as troubleshooting scenarios
Design custom combinations for special engine combos & applications.

Supported Diagnostic Interfaces

Nexiq USB-Link 2
Dearborn DPA 5
Noregon DLA+


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