Meritor Wabco Toolbox v 13.8 Diagnostic Software


After payment, our specialist will connect to your PC via TeamViewer and perform the installation.
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Dive into Advanced Isuzu Diagnostics with US-IDSS II & G-IDSS 2024

Technical details of automotive software:

Brand: Meritor
Meritor Wabco Toolbox
Download size: 340 mb
Diagnostics Software
English, German
Operating system: 
Windows 8 and 8.1 Pro (both 32 and 64-bit versions), Windows 10 (both 32 and 64-bit versions)
Installation via teamviewer
1 PC

How does the installation work?
After payment, our specialist will connect to your PC via TeamViewer and perform the installation.

Get your trucks and trailers up and running faster by maximizing uptime and minimizing downtime with the help of diagnostic software: Meritor WABCO 13.8

Supported systems:

It is available with the following tractor unit: pneumatic ABS, EBS, OnGuard™, OnLane™, OptiRide™ ECAS
Trailer: iABS™, Easy-Stop™ ABS, RSS, TailGUARD™, SmartTrac™, HABS-E, HPB.
Increase technician productivity: help streamline diagnostics by enabling features such as DTC code look-up, component testing activation, direct repair manual access and more.

Some of the common features of Meritor WABCO 13.8 are as follows:

Service Programming Skills:
Improved fault detection data decryption
OnLane™ system analysis video extraction
Preventative maintenance pays off. Get one today from Meritor Wabco 13.8 Diagnostic Software!

Characteristics of the Meritor WABCO 13.8 for truck tractors:

SmartTrac™, pneumatic ABS, electronic braking systems (EBS), OnGuard™ collision avoidance system, advanced DTC event data and decoding, OnLane™ and OnLaneALERT™ lane departure warning system, video retrieval and diagnostics along with SBM2 port diagnostic support. OnSide™ blindspot detection system display identification for ECAS displayed on gen 4 display only ElectronicOptiRide™ controlled air suspension (ECAS) TrailerPULSE® bra製e stroke monitoring for trailers with ECU-controlled brake systemsthesized-speech ex-leaving warning ulatory pressure limiter) Decoding of supported fault events occurred by manually switching automation mode to the e.g. “performance profiles”)

Meritor WABCO 13.8 for Trailer Features

SHAFT BRAKE (HPB), An OPTIONAL ANTI-LOCKING BRAKE SYSTEM, Electronic Brake System with the ability to program an automatic lift axis using a simple picture screen, Motor ACOUSTIC SIGNALS FOR HEATING or COOLING OPERATION Suitable for Use: ABS and ROLL Suspension Assistance (RSS; SmartTrac and HydrauLink™ ), Support for ABS Automatic Configuration (GIO) functions such as SBI Okay Brake keylock, AutoTail and pressure in tire, Text entry of contract identification details in brake controller including date released, VIN and spot at installation location, warranty or property address downloadable notification si personalized ABS/RSS vehicle service Display easy-to-follow Internet diagnostic links, The largest window display ever that largely detects device component aspects- includes sensor dimension rates based on cubo-many system information-from front/rear transmission clutch status-from parking break Look-up complete unit expertise.


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